Friday, April 25, 2008

Barbra Streisand

Have to admit that I like Barbra Streisand - more so all the time. I suppose it takes life experience to realize how it feels when the parent has died and there's so much more you'd like to communicate. To be honest, I'm pretty sure that my Scottish Presbyterian father never kissed any of his children or had anything to do with bedtime rituals but that has its own virtue.
Papa Do You Miss Me
If they could only delete the wine/sleeping pills combination which is too stupid for words, this scene from The Way We Were is very powerful. If I were conducting premarital classes, I would show it to young people so they'd realize how heartbreaking it is when two good people with different value systems reach the point where the differences have to be faced
Part 4: Katie You Push Too Hard from The Way They Were
And of course, the older we get and the more we consider the projected statistics on Alzheimer's and Baby Boomers, the more signficant the lyrics to Memories

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