Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Newsletters

Personally I like those mass-produced Christmas newsletter. I, myself, am not organized enough to send one of my own out. It creates a warm feeling in my heart to read about the achievements of others. And let's face it, I really have no trouble at all believing that everyone else can run circles around me in the achievement arena. I always believe that every home but mine runs like a bed and breakfast just waiting for people to drop in to enjoy the atmosphere. Without a doubt, no one has more bad hair days than I do. Every day is a bad hair day when there's more scalp visible than hair. Not only do I not have the face shape that looks stunning in hats, I can't think of any part of my anatomy, I'd want to draw your eyes to. If you've found this blog through the UWO alumni directory, I'm listed as a homemaker. Seems like a lot of people I went to school with (especially those in education) now list themselves as retired. That's a trend that will only increase. I'm retired too I guess - just skipped the career part.

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