Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reconnecting with Old Friends

The original purpose of this blog was for reconnecting with old friends. UWO produced a new alumni directory that included both my maiden name and my married name, my faculty and the year I graduated.

In 2010, I had both a high school reunion and a nursing school reunion.
All those people had access to the url for this blog so I'm pretty sure anyone who wanted an update found me.

For people who I met after I married Stephen, facebook works quite well. I'm extremely lucky to have a very rare name. Didn't think so on my wedding day but it sure helps on facebook if no one else has the same name as you.

So should I change the name of my blog or not? Think I'm keeping Reconnecting but will shift from the idea of the outside world being able to reconnect to me to looking outward into the community and the larger world.

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