Monday, December 28, 2009

WDSS High School Reunion

2010 marks the 40th year since my high school graduation. Luckily for my class, 2010 is also the 60th anniversary of the high school itself so our 10 year reunions coincide with the larger celebrations that include anyone who ever attended the school.
Message to my Classmates:
Please come. I'd love to see all of you. The good thing about growing older is that I've erased any memories that weren't great and kept the good ones. The important thing is that we're fellow survivors - we passed through all those years of wondering when our lives would ever begin and are now wondering how long we'll keep doing whatever it is we do.
Let's celebrate our lives - the whole ball of wax. At this stage of life, we're people - not beauty queens or football heroes or nerds or dorks or whatever separated us into categories. It's time to dump all the high school baggage and just enjoy being together. Looking forward to reconnecting.

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