Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Home Open

For my entire married life, I won the world's worst housekeeper award. I'd do a gazillion hours of trying to get everything together and it always looked either like it just had been ransacked or someone had toss in a grenade. Well a week and a half ago I bought a digital camera and the whole thing came together in about a day. I didn't post anything because I didn't know if it would last but it has. I'm the kind of person who looks in the mirror and whatever size I am, my mind sees a circus-size fat lady. It's the same with household clutter - no matter how much is or isn't out of place, my mind sees the world's worst space. When I took pictures of the rooms, I could isolate the hot spots and realized that not that much needed doing. I suppose the clearest way to describe is that I thought of myself like Drew Carey's fat lady protagonist Mimi - took a picture and said with a slight change of attitude I could pull off a Queen Latifah. Both women have presence, power, wit and even high self-esteem but Queen Latifah has way more fun than Mimi because she has an undefeatable attitude.

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