Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pre-Retirement Planning

The Diocese contacted all the clergy within 10 years of retirement and their spouses for a pre-retirement seminar. As the kids are getting into buying their first homes, I felt up-to-date on the how to buy your first home stuff although I'm sure it is more fun house hunting at the beginning of adult life than arranging a closing date to coincide with the date one has to be out of the rectory. Stephen and I can't agree on a piece of art or a tv show or what constitutes a vacation and I've yet to win any of those debates. He'll want something extremely old and huge that will accommodate at least 30 relatives for a week and very close to a hospital emergency dept. I want to move to the house I grew up in which probably isn't large enough for our books. I don't want to be rushed off to emergency - I want to wander off by myself and be found dead beside the river like my grandmother's dog.

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